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Falmouth University

Below showcases the various projects during my time at Falmouth from 2018 to 2021.


The Reindeer Down the Road

When you picture reindeer, you may visualise large, beautiful mammals in their thousands crossing the never-ending tundra on their annual migration. This portfolio tells a different narrative to this Christmas tale, exploring what life is like for the many reindeer living in Britain.

Hover to see the description and click to see enlarged. 

Barking Bobbies

Following my intrigue with how we rely on animals in our day to day lives, I have set out to investigate canines in the police. This has allowed me to gain further knowledge into how they develop their skills as Training Police Dogs (TPD’s) to when they become qualified Police Dogs (PD’s).  In this portfolio, I focus on dogs within Devon and Cornwall.

Click on an image for a full caption and scroll down for more images. 

Retired Rovers

This portfolio focuses on the life of police dogs once their duties are over, often referred to as RPD’s (Retired Police Dogs). They serve until they no longer can, whether that be from a medical condition or old age. The average age of retirement is around eight years old.  Sometimes they will be given to a brand-new family or they stay with their police handler for the rest of their time.

I had the privilege of meeting three different handlers: Andy, a recently retired police officer and ex-Royal Marine. Wendy, a teaching assistant with a love of German Shepherd’s and finally Police Constable Marc who is still active in the force. 

Conservation in Falmouth

The Friends of Tregoniggie Woodland and Prislow Woods are two conservation groups based in Falmouth, Cornwall. They work to conserve their local woodland and to educate children. They work along the same part of the green belt which stretches through Falmouth. 

Police Dogs
Local Conservation
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