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I’m an outdoor photographer based in Aviemore,

frequently found exploring the whole of Scotland.

I am fascinated with how we connect to the natural world. Having spent my teenage years in rural Aberdeenshire surrounded by a bounty of wildlife and vast landscapes, this is where my interest in photography began.


In 2017, I completed a year-long photography course in central Aberdeen doing stock, still life and portrait photography.

In 2021, I graduated from Falmouth University studying Marine and Natural History Photography. During my time at Falmouth, I have vastly developed my knowledge and love of the natural world. Reindeer in Britain were the main focus for my third-year dissertation and portfolio which was titled

"The Reindeer Down the Road".


Recently, I've been focusing on my mountaineering and paddlesports instructing. I am currently pursuing my NGB qualifications and furthering my experience in these areas. In addition to this, I teach landscape photography to a variety of students in the North-East through working with Cullen Sea School, sharing my passion for our local environment.

Jess Charlesworth 2022


Throughout university, I experimented with different media to engage people with the natural world.

What are the Northern Lights?

An educational and hand-drawn guide to the Aurora Borealis!

Children's Nature Magazine

For university, I was tasked with producing a 4-page spread for a wildlife magazine. I chose to make a conservation-based article in the style of Eco Kids Planet.

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